World-Wide Concurrent Premieres & Commissioning Fund, Inc.

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In response to your interest in World-Wide Concurrent Premieres and Commissioning Fund, Inc. (I wanted to call it First Ink, Inc. but was outvoted!), here is a little bit of history. We started twenty years ago, following a discussion amongst friends at Tanglewood. We are committed musicians with supportive friends (non-musicians, but music lovers), who have put into place an organization that chooses composers, and presents world-premieres of the same work by multiple performers in different locations, world-wide. The reason for our existence is a passion for our living Art; in order for civilization to move ahead, even if by inches, Art must continue. We wish to grow our Art on a grass-roots basis, making it available to both performers and the public, from Seabrook,Texas to Singapore.

We have never sought publicity, but have received more than our share. Our organization has gained it through the uniqueness of simultaneous world-premieres and the resultant interest, in many local venues (Please see the very first article, a New York Times feature, Dec. 2, 1995, on the front page of the Arts section, as well as a Chamber Music America article, which both describe the organization quite well).

Composers we have commissioned include high visibility established composers, mid-career composers and emerging composers. Our first commission went to John Harbison (Pulitzer Prize winner and now Board member), whose ’San-Antonio’ enjoyed 43 simultaneous (same day) premieres around the Globe, and very quickly had over 100 performances within that year, and thousands since. Next was Chris Theofanidis (an ‘emerging’ composer, who had sent in an unsolicited tape, which impressed the Board, and caused us to dig deep into our own pockets to provide funds and performances for someone who no one knew. Chris has since won the coveted Rome Prize, and is now on the faculties at Juilliard and Peabody. Others commissioned include Yehudy Wyner (whose commissioned horn, violin, piano Trio was the runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize)-30 worldwide premieres in 1 year, Larry Bell (Mahler in Blue Light, sax, cello, piano)-30 world premieres in 1 year, Michael Horvit (Land of Dreams, for Choir, commissioned for the 50th Anniversary of Israel)- 15 performances by different choirs worldwide, Pulitzer prize winner Gunther Schuller’s Cello Sonata -59 different performances in the first year, and his Sax Sonata which you know well-73 different performers in the 1st year, Frank Ticheli-30 different performances of the Concert Band work ‘Blue Shades,’ and Michael Colgrass’ ‘Dream Dancer,’ which had 25 different performances in the first year alone. All of the above works have quickly entered the repertory. Many have been recorded, and the music has been made available to all. We have everyone from high school students to members of the Juilliard Quartet playing our music.

Commissioning music takes lots of time and/or money. When one doesn’t have alot of one, it demands the other. Commissioning one composer a year takes me 5-10 hours per week of work. With proper funding we could commission 5 composers a year, with no more time commitment (fund-raising takes that time). So with a combination of the 3 types of composers, emerging, mid-career and established, we could utilize $50-60,000 per year in commissions and expenses. Our tax status is 501-c-3. Contributions may be received by Worldwide Concurrent Premieres at the above address. With less money, one commissions fewer composers, but quality of investment is what matters.

If you and your friends are interested in helping our organization we would welcome it. Anything that would help the work go on past us, and hopefully in perpetuity, would be our goal. Our Board includes, Gunther Schuller, John Harbison, Robert Jones (Former Exec. Dir. National Symphony (and saxophonist!), Matthew McInturf (Texas conductor and Prof.), and Darryl Malone (Lawyer and boyhood friend-an alto sax player who sat one chair ahead of me).

Most sincerely,

Ken Radnofsky
Founder and President, 
World-Wide Concurrent Premieres and Commissioning Fund, Inc.
Prof. of Saxophone, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, Boston University, Longy School




Board of Directors
Daryl Malone, Chair, Board of Directors

Kenneth Radnofsky, President and Founder,
Robert C Jones, Vice President
Matthew McInturf, Treasurer
Jennifer Bill Secretary/Historian
John Harbison
Craig Kirchhoff
John McDonald
Jean Rife
Gunther Schuller

History of WWCPCF, Inc. by Dr. Jennifer Bill, Historian/Secretary WWCPCF, Inc. Doctoral Dissertation, Boston U.

43 Premieres for One Work – New York Times › COLLECTIONS › SAXOPHONISTS
Dec 2, 1995 – Search All ... 43 Premieres for One Work ... known precedent, Mr. Harbison's sonata will receive 43 performances by 43 different ...

Present and Future Projects (available to any and all interested parties, including world-wide concurrent premiere, limited edition signed, numbered composer score and parts.

Baris Perker's new Concerto for Saxophone and Wind Ensemble will receive 9 premieres world-wide (all different performers) during the period Sept. 2012 and Feb. 2014.  To hear a recording of the orchestral version, go to  contracts no longer available, publication available after premiere period after premiere period expires.

Shih-Hui Chen's new expanded Fantasy on Plum Blossoms  will receive 20+ premieres world-wide (all different performers) during the period Oct. 2012 and Oct. 2013.  To hear a recordsing of the original one movement Plum Blossoms (also a wwcp commission), go to   contracts no longer available, publication available after premiere period expires.

New commissions  2013-15:  Watch for more details and announcements, and look for participation letters when posted on website   
Daid Amram (saxophone and piano) 
Betty Olivero (saxophone, string bass, and string quartet)