One gets the impression that Radnofsky is proud of all of his students. It is evident that he encourages them all to pursue their dreams. "A number of former students," continues Radnofsky, "have successful careers as jazz performers. Jimmie Greene was a winner of the Thelonious Monk International Competition and has produced several CDs. Wayne Escoffrey and Ignaz Dinne are playing all the time, and Abe Burton, too. All are doing well. I taught at the University of Hartford for fourteen years and Jackie McLean, the great jazz teacher and performer, had all of his students study with me. They studied and embraced technique and embouchure with as much or more dedication than some classical players, and they all now really have great embouchures and understand how to play the saxophone."

According to Radnofsky, this past year's class was the best he's ever had. And he's confident that each succeeding year will get even better. He had two different quartets perform and record Xenakis' XAS and he Wuorinen Quartet. A sophomore recorded the Martino Concerto with piano - with the Pulitzer Prize-winning composer at the sessions. "All the pieces are going on a CD we're producing called Classax," explains Radnofsky. "There is great camaraderie in the class. My students, from all the colleges where I teach, meet weekly to work and share ideas. My Boston students all know and like each other. Four of them at the time of this interview are playing at Tanglewood in the Fellowship Orchestra on the same day that I'm playing Streetcar Named Desire by Andre Previn (with John Williams conducting). We are part of the musical culture in Massachusetts and are a good example of a thriving saxophone culture in the United States."

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